Songs for Hope at The Bluebird Cafe

Join us at one of Nashville's most iconic venues for a night of music and impact.
We have an amazing lineup of talented musicians, so get your ticket before they are gone.


Thursday, July 20th  at 5:30pm

The Bluebird Cafe
4104 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN


Brian WhiteTouring Artist , #1 Song Writer , Producer, Recording Artist, Award Winner: These are just a few of the words that describe Brian White. One of Nashville’s most sought after hit makers, White has been on every side of the microphone during his career.

Brady Seals:  Throughout his career, Brady Seals has sold over 11 million albums, topped three genres simultaneously, and his songs continue to captivate audiences and attract licenses for TV, radio, and film. 


 Pete SallisI hope to write music that moves people to dance, "bob that head", cry some tears, laugh a little, and point them to heaven. If I can do that, then I have fulfilled my life's calling - to create art that evokes an emotion. Thanks for listening!! 

Emcee: Jaimee HarrisJaimee is THRILLED to be back at Woody Guthrie Folk Festival this July where she has made a lot of incredible friends and met now frequent collaborators at this spectacular fest.Listen now to Jaimee's sophmore album, Boomerang Town.