TennCare and the Affordable Care Act
The Tennessee Justice Center published a "Toolkit for TennCare and the Affordable Care Act" that provides guidance for navigating TennCare (Medicaid).  The Toolkit includes some information about other programs that may be of interest to Tennessee HD families. To access the Toolkit, click here

2021 Precious Cargo Act
This is establishes procedures for certain citizens with intellectual or developmental disability or medical condition to communicate specific needs to law enforcement and first responders. To learn more, click here

Medical, Dental, and Behavioral Care for Low Income and Uninsured People
Adequate medical care, dental care, and behavioral healthcare are cruicial to families living with HD.  Although Medicare may be available to the person with HD after the two-year waiting period after the  disability determination, care is vital during that two-year period.  Other family members need to receive adequate care to enable them to provide care for the person with HD.  The Tennessee Charitable Care Network is available to help locate medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare for any low income or uninsured person.  Contact TCCN at (615) 274-9665.  For more information, go to http://www.tccnetwork.org

Equipment Exchange
United Cerebral Palsy Equipment Exchange - receives and distributes donated medical equipment, including wheelchairs, grab bars, shower chairs, and medical supplies, etc.
          1200 Ninth Ave., North
          Nashville, TN
          (615) 242-4091, ext. 105
          Tuesdays through Thursdays - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Meal time tips and recipes from HD Family Kitchens
At times, the best life hacks come from people who are living the same life you are. Tennessee HD famiies are sharing food tips and recipes that may help your loved one enjoy the mealtime experience, maintain or gain weight,  deal with swallowing issues, or eat nutritious foods that require very little final preparation and while living independently. 

See recipes and tips shared by other Tennessee families here