My name is Gary Schmidt. I lost my lovely wife, Eileen, to Huntington’s Disease in February 2012 at age 58. She struggled with HD for approximately 15 years. Living with HD, Eileen feared that she would miss out on two big life events: (1) seeing our daughter, Brionne, graduate from college and (2) seeing her walk down the aisle on her wedding day. As you can see by the picture below, God blessed her with witnessing both milestones.

In addition to myself and our daughter, Eileen left an awesome son-in-law William (who was always her favorite), her father Rue, sister Laura, and niece Nikki (with HD), nephew Josh, and a great-niece and great-nephew (at-risk). Since her death, she has become a grandmother and would be so proud of the cutest little man William III. 

Eileen loved life, studying the Bible, serving God, and don’t get in the way of her chocolate. She was always the nicest/sweetest person in the room. You could always count on her for some encouragement.

We miss her daily, but thank God for the time we had with her. We now rejoice that she is with our Lord in Heaven and look forward to the day we are all united again. We support, hope, and pray to find a cure for HD.