Connect with our local chapter:
Our chapter is pleased to share with you the family stories of some of our members.  These stories demonstrate the resilence that HD families practice every day and the gratitude we feel for the resources  available to HD families that were not available to earlier generations of HD patients. Those resources are available because people cared enough to give to organizations that support Huntington's disease families.

Read Liz's story describing the effect of HD on generation after generation of her family and the hope they hold that a cure will allow future generations to be free from HD here.

Read Chelsi's story about finding people who know and understand living with HD here.

Click here to read Gary's story about Eileen, his wife and the mother of his daughter, and her fight to enjoy two of the most important days of her daughter's life. 

The next story is about a young man's journey living with Juvenile Huntington's Disease.  Read the story of Greg, a brave, inspirational young man who learned he has Juvenile HD as he was graduating from high school and just after he turned 18 years old here.