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Service dogs are specially trained to assist people with disabilities.  They are working dogs, not pets.  They are allowed to accompany their partner in public places, even those in which dogs are usually not allowed.  To assist their partner, they may pull a wheelchair, alert a caregiver if their partner falls, activate an emergency call button, pick up dropped items, remind their partner to take prescribed medications, open cabinet or  refrigerator doors to retrieve items, carry items, help with balance, and other tasks that help their partner live more independently.

Retrieving Independence (RI), a non-profit organization based in Tennessee, breeds, trains, and places top quality service dogs with children and adults living with physical and mental disabilites.  RI is committed to helping those in need throughout Tennessee as well as bordering communities in the Southeast.  Because each person is unique, RI is committed to developing the best possible service dog for each recipient.  RI focuses on individualized capabilities and excellent health to sustain a long career of service.  RI hand-selects and breeds its dogs with appropriate temperament, health, conformation, learning ability and love for service.

RI has trained dogs to help with Huntington's disease, diabetes, psychological issues, mobility disorders, seizure, aphasia, and other similar conditions.  For more information, contact RI by visiting, email to, or calling 615.934.0444.