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This information from the Legal Aid Society is helpful to understand CHOICES, a state program that provides financial assistance for nursing home care and home and community-based care under MEDICAID.  Note that Choices 3 is only available to people who applied before July 2015.

Things to Look for When Touring a Nursing Home - Skilled/ provides a list of things to look for and questions to ask when touring a nursing home  in this article

Recent regulations provide broader rights for nursing home residents.  Read about the changes here. 

For information on the Long Term Ombudsman Program, which among other duties, advocates for residents' rights and quality care in nursing care, personal care, residential care, and other long term care facilities,  go to this link.

Locate the Long Term Ombudsmen for Tennessee here.

A Place for Mom is a free service that helps families locate appropriate nursing care and assisted living care.  Notwithstanding the name, the agency assists with care for any family member needing care, not just moms.  Although the service is free, A Place for Mom is not a nonprofit organization.  It is a referral service that is paid by the facilities to which it refers families.  There is no cost to the family and the facilities are not allowed to pass the referral fees they pay on to the resident or family.